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Bali - which area to stay in?

Bali - which area to stay in

Bali has everything to offer from 5 star secluded resorts costing $1000 per night to simple rooms costing $20 a night. Activities range  from lounging around the pool to full blooded adrenalin raising.

The  most common question is which area to stay in.
The answer is as varied as the individual tourist but each area has its own character.

The majority of the tourist accommodation is in a small area to the south of Denpasar. The tourist villages in the north and east are relatively small and isolated.

Kuta, Legian, Tuban, Seminyak and Jimbaran ( including The Bukit ) are closest to the airport.

Kuta, Tuban, Legian and Seminyak are all along the same beach. It has many surfing spots.

The area where many people have their first experience of Bali.
Over the years it has developed into the budget end of the market. It has many cheap hotels, eating places, bars, dicscos and night clubs. It attracts the younger age group who want to party for most of the night. Sometimes it can get over run with the less desirable tourist and can get loud and noisy.
It has many of the most popular shops and the "art" markets at Kuta and Melasti Street are places to get good prices if you are good at bargaining.

Quieter than Kuta with more villas and more expensive hotels.
There are more "boutique" shops in Seminyak and the prices are a little higher.
Eating out in Seminyak is more "upmarket" than Kuta.

Between Kuta and Seminyak is a transision zone.

About 3/4 of an hour from the airport is quieter. The beach is protected by a reef. In the last 7 years a great deal has been done to prevent beach erosion. There are now waves at the beach and at low tide the lagoon is shallow. There is a walkway that extends several Km along the beach. Sanur is popular with a more mature age group. especially Europeans. There are quite a number of hotels on the beach and numerous bars and restaurants on the beach. Hotel prices and eating out prices  are more than Kuta.

Nusa Dua
Known for its 5 star resorts. Visitors who like this area want to "get away from it all". Our personal view, too pristine and with manicured areas outside the hotels not "the real Bali".

Jimbaran and The Bukit
An area becoming very popular to the south of the airport. Many smaller villas are offered for rent and it is only 20 minutes from the airport, traffic permitting.
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