Monday, 25 March 2013

Bali and Australian government travel warnings and personal safety

The issue of safety in Bali is frequently raised on travel forums. Safety is usually raised after the Australian government re issues the same warnings that have been in effect for many years. When the travel advice is re issued the Bali knockers get on their soap boxes again.

I first look at news reports in my home city and the other capital cities in Australia. Every night there are reports of violence. Safety is an individual perception and I personally would not go to the club areas in any Australian city. The club area of Kuta can get very boisterous, especially after patrons have had a few beers.

Statistically the most dangerous part of any Bali holiday is the ride to the airport.

During my travels I have been subjected to and witnessed friends having their pockets picked at famous sights in Rome, even with dozens of police around trying to prevent such activity. Is this danger advertised in travel brochures, of course not.

I often wonder what travel warnings should be given about Australia? Check under the toilet seat for red back spiders? How much is mentioned about tourists who get into difficulties in The Blue Mountains west of Sydney? Don't forget the sharks and dangerous rips.

The point is we accept dangerous things that are part of Australian life and we do not worry too much.

Dengue fever is often mentioned, yet there are more cases in Australia.

Dangers in Bali? Of course there are - riding motor bikes, crossing the rod etc etc .

The adage is - traveller beware - take care but do not get so paranoid tht it spoils your holiday.

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