Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Bali - weather

Bali - weather and money changers

So many posts on travel forums about the weather.
Day time temperatures are ALWAYS about 30 degrees and at night 25 degrees. There is very little variation.
The difference is in the humidity and that can make a great difference.
In the wet season, usually November through to March, humidity can be very high and many people find it uncomfortable. The only places to be are in air conditioned rooms, in front of or under a fan, find a cool breeze, or if you have to indoors without air conditioning by an open window to catch any breeze there may be.
Many people like to be in Bali during June and July, the dry season,  when the humidity is much lower.

When it is the wet season it does not rain every day. Typically rain is in very heavy showers that may last 1/2 hour or so. Some of the showers can be torrential. It is not usual to have steady rain all day. Frequently the rain is during the night, early morning or late afternoon.

Thunder and lightning are quite common but it is mostly between cloud masses. Lightning does not often strike the ground.

Rain patterns have been changing over the years and there has been heavy rain during the dry months of June and July.

Of course any time of the year is time to relax by the pool.

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